Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The fun challenge of two colors by Phil Bean

Palette knife painting, beautiful colors ,very atmospheric feeling !
check his other paintings .

The fun Challenge two colors by Peggy Jungbluth

good job Peggy ! nice colors .

Monday, May 3, 2010

The fun challenge by Paula Mingolelli

Paula 's painting in watercolors , created beautiful harmonious colors , wonderful Job Paula !
Paula has a studio at "the Western Avenue Studios in Lowell Massachusetts "

The fun challenge of two colors by Ingrid Christensen
My friend Ingrid from Canada joined in for the challenge , Love the stokes !Good Job Ingrid

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

fun Challenge two colors

Nita 's pastel version , on black paper with only four four pastels 8x10

all work on these posts are copyrighted to each artists .

fun Challenge two colors

Priti 's check her blog for more details

Priti Lathia

fun Challenge two colors

Marilene's version , impressionistic style !

A fun challenge with two colors

my version in acrylic
Last week I posted this photo from my collection , for my friends to paint with two colors only with black and white ,
Yellow Ochre , Burnt sienna , today a few of us brought some results , it was fun as everyone arrived with their version , not everyone has done it yet , but I will start posting some .
This idea originated from one of the members Joanne Tierney who brought some work to show us done on this style . I went home to try it and loved it ! it is amazing how many colors you will get .

Friday, February 19, 2010

Artist's Reception for Marilene Sawaf

New Hampshire Antique Co-op
| Celebrating 26 years of art & antiques
Artist's Reception for Marilene Sawaf
Marilene Sawaf painting of women and music

Sunday, February 21, 2010, 1 - 3 pm
at New Hampshire Antique Co-op
Enjoy a festive winter afternoon of art, antiques,
and an opportunity to meet accomplished Hollis, NH artist Marilene Sawaf.
Champagne, fruit and cheese will be served.

Marilene Sawaf has received numerous award recognitions throughout New England. In addition to an extensive list of solo and collective exhibits, Sawaf's paintings have been exhibited at the Currier Museum of Art (Manchester, NH) and the Whistler House Museum (Lowell, Mass.). Sawaf is a member of the New Hampshire Art Association, the Nashua Area Art Association and the Sharon Art Center in Peterborough.
Influenced by past cultures, Sawaf paints reflections of women in flowered dresses set against Venetian arcades and marbled, checked floors. Often her canvases show a world filled with music and poetry woven like a tapestry with vibrant reds, golds and blues. Sawaf's richly patterned canvases are reminiscent of Medieval stained glass and Oriental carpets.
Works on view in the Tower Gallery through May 3rd.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Nashua artists Breakfast Club Meet the artists reception Feb, 6

Area Artist's Breakfast Club has a show opening at the Chelmsford Public Library in
now until the 27th of February. A meet the artists reception
will be held February 6th, 2010 from 2-4 PM. Please come and enjoy
art, music and conversation with more than 18 artists during this


Music by pianist Ernie Woessner


Open to the public

Everyone Welcome

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chelmsford library show Feb 2010

The Breakfast Club Exhibit
February 2010

The Breakfast Club is a group of professional artists from New England who have been meeting every Wednesday for almost 20 years in Nashua, NH and surrounding towns.
Join us for an opening reception on Saturday, February 6, 2010, from 2-4 p.m. Music will be provided by pianist Ernie Woessner.

Jeanne Nevard Marie Stabile Albine Vermot-Gaud
Mary Ann Ducharme Paula Super Susan Whitten
Nita Casey Helene Levasseur Rene Bodner
Joe Lapiana Nancy Davis Johnson Stephen Previte
Priti Lathia Paula Mingolelli
Carolyn Gaudet
Peggy Jungbluth Marilene Sawaf Bob Stegmaier

Jeanne Nevard Watercolors

"I enjoy doing watercolors as well as exploring the back roads to discover great photography subjects. I love to elevate the commonplace object to a memorable image; to portray unique viewpoints that invite the viewer to linger & use one’s imagination. The intricacies of nature always inspire me. And the beautiful, dwindling open spaces hold the key to our quiet enjoyment of our natural environment.The whole artistic process for me, is to savor the moment. To observe daily life with a keen eye & smile for the gifts bestowed upon all of us- If we just take to time to see."
Jeanne Nevard Fine Art
Pepperell, MA

Mary Ann Ducharme

Mary Ann Ducharme, a resident of Tyngsboro, joined the Artist Breakfast Club a year ago. She says that she enjoys the support and comradery. She retired from service with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2008. "Retirement has given me time to explore my creativity. Painting has become my passion." Mary Ann has taken art lessons from Marie Stablile, Paula Mingolelli and Steve Prvite. " Her medium is water based oil. She said she finds it less toxic.
Contact for Mary Ann Ducharme:

Nita Leger Casey

Nita is a prolific artist as a Plein air painter on the rugged coast of Maine during the summers and studio artist and teacher for the rest of the year. From her delicate and intricate still lifes, to her commissions of painting Victorian homes, or her lovely creations of greeting cards, art is on her mind from morning to night. Her love for beautiful things as antique lace and tea cups to lovely flower gardens can all be seen in her work.

Born and raised in France, Nita attended the famed Ecole des Beaux Arts and went on to the Ecole de Dessin in Paris. She married a young American soldier and went on to travel all over the world with him and their three children. In Italy inspired by all the beauty around her she continued painting primarily in oils. While in Germany she began teaching art in the American community. Nita now lives in New England and devotes her life to painting and teaching watercolors at her gallery/studio in Pepperell, Massachusetts.

Nita considers herself very fortunate to live in a beautiful New England town. “The beauty is all around me, from mountains to the seashore and a little bit of the Old World feeling.” For the past 14 years Nita has taken part in an Artist retreat on the coast of Maine where she replenishes her fuel for the rest of the year. "Plein air painting rejuvenates your soul! The beauty and ideas that it yields are endless. The smell of the fresh air and the sounds of wildlife will provide the inner peace needed for the rest of the year."

Nita has been represented by the New England Card Company, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Brick Mill Studio and recently as a Gibson Freelance Artist. She was also the winner of the annual Christmas card contest at the Presidential Retreat at Camp David, Maryland. She has been published in the American Artist Watercolor Winter 98, 2003 American Artist watercolor Highlights issue and the Tastefully New England magazine. She has participated in numerous juried shows and her work can be found in private collections all over the world including banks, corporate collections and the University College Dublin in Ireland. Her memberships include: New Hampshire Art Association, NH Sharon Arts Center, Pastel Painters of Maine, Pastel Society of New Hampshire, and Upcountry Artists in Maine. She is an associate member of the New England Watercolor Society and Oil Painters of America.
Contact: Nita Leger Casey via email: or visit her website:

Joe Lapiana

Joe Lapiana is a lifelong resident of Massachusetts. After a long and successful career in the biological sciences he has returned to painting after 30 years. Retirement from an active career has afforded Joe the time to explore painting again but in the relatively new medium of water mixable oils. The subject matter for his paintings are inspired by his extensive European travels as well as the beauty of New England and the rural Town of Westford, Massachusetts where he makes home. His art is a way of exploring his inner feelings and as a way to make connections with others. Most recently he has participated in expositions which include showings at the Lawrence Library Art Gallery in Pepperell, Massachusetts and at the Spring 09 show at the Tyngsboro Library.
Joe Lapiana, Westford, Massachusetts

Priti Lathia

Priti Lathia lives with her husband and two children, and works in Westford, MA. She is mostly self taught, but has taken lessons throughout her childhood in India and some from local art teachers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.Her work has a vibrant, colorful and joyous feeling. Her paintings are inspired by places she has visited or still life subjects that have inspired her. While painting she likes to think about color, light and view point. She has participated in several local and international art shows and has won many awards. She is also a active member of local art societies and organizations.
She worked as a nutritionist for many years. Over the past six years, she has dedicated more of my time and energy to art.
Currently, she teaches art to local children and adults. Priti teaches several mediums but enjoy working in watercolors and oils. More of her work can be seen on her blog,

Peggy Jungbluth

Peggy Jungbluth, a resident of Tyngsboro, retired last year and started painting with Marie Stabile at the Westford Senior Center. She has also taken classes with Steve Previte of Nashua. Today Peggy studies with Paula Mingolellli at the Westen Ave. Studios in Lowell. Peggy works with water based oils.

"Painting is like nothing I have ever done before and the excitement of a finished piece of work is immeasurable." Peggy echoes what many members of the Breakfast Club feel. "To be a part of the Breakfast Artist Club is to be surrounded by all kinds of artists who share your enthusiasm." Like the other members she appreciates the advice and encouragement she receives from all these talented artists.

Marie Stabile

Helene Levasseur

"I always wanted to be a painter. As a young woman, I was taught the basics by an aunt who was already an accomplished artist. This fed my deisre to continue my passion for art. I went on to take courses at Mass College of Art and studied with the Cape Ann Artists. I now maintain a studio in Nashua, NH."
Helene's work can be viewed at

Paula Super

Nancy Davis Johnson

During her memberships in several art associations over the past 35 years, she has won awards for her work in oil, pastel and watercolor. Her paintings have been included in many regional and national juried shows, and are in private and corporate collections in the U.S. and abroad. Her work was featured in the summer, 1996 issue of “Watercolor” magazine, a national publication of “American Artist” magazine. Also, one of her paintings is included in the book, “How Did You Paint that? 100 Ways to Paint the Landscape”, published by “International Artist” magazine”.
Memberships include: New England Watercolor Society (Signature Member), New Hampshire Art Association and Great Bay Art Association.

Paula Mingolelli

"I am a life long artist who lives in the Boston area. Creating art started for me as a very young girl. I've had formal training at various levels and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Massachusetts College of Art, Boston. My professional accomplishments are highlighted by my creativity as a painter, marketing consultant, commercial designer and teacher. While I prefer watercolor as my medium of choice, I also enjoy oils, pastels and pen and ink. I enjoy painting all types of subject matter including florals, landscapes, animals portraits and still life's. I do commission work in all of these areas based on client preferences. Currently, I belong to a number of Art Association which provide me with an excellent perspective of today's art environment. Interacting with fellow artists motivates me to continuously achieve excellence while challenging my creativity. I will always enjoy studying, learning and developing my artistic talent."

Marilene Sawaf

"My first series of women goes back to 1981, after my recent move to New England. At first "The Ladies" were painted with watercolor or acrylic and inspired by a luminous stained glass window that used to cover an entire wall of my grandmother's home in Egypt. I used to call them the "Stained Glass Ladies." When one of my paintings made it to the juried exhibit of the Currier Museum of Art in 1984, I learned that my fascination with design and colored glass could be shared with a larger public. Slowly I started introducing new elements, like flowers, in the women's dresses. The women would be dreaming in different settings made of tiled landscapes and diffused vegetation.

In general I try to create an illusion, painting women in rich patterned dresses, who make you wonder who they are and what they are doing. The design, the position of the women's hands, the intriguing expressions of their faces, the mystery of their environment, create a surrealistic image. A product of my past culture, of my present taste for rich colors and enigmatic effects, my paintings of women are a mysterious reflection of my most subconscious dreams."
Read more about Marilene and her work at:

Albine Vermot-Gaud

Growing up in rural France, many of Albine's paintings are evocations of scenery from her childhood and beloved places visited during her travels. Mostly self-taught but always fascinated with art, she first studied art in Paris some 10 years ago at the end of her career in business.

“My style keeps on evolving, fueled by a need to continue experimenting with different styles and media as I let shapes and color guide me through the process of creating meaningful images of beauty.”

At present she is working on a series of contemporary style paintings. Albine's choice of media are oils and mixed media. She is a resident of Hollis, NH

You can contact Albine Vermot-Gaud by email at
See more art at:

Susan Whitten

Susan Whitten attended The American Academy of Art in Chicago and graduated with an Associates Degree in Graphic Arts. She worked as an Illustrator at Handelen Pederson, a commercial art firm, for four years. She then became a freelance illustrator in the Chicago area for ten years. After moving to New Hampshire in 1998 she switched her focus to Fine Art. Susan joined the Nashua Area Artists Association and became acquainted with other local artists. She heard about the Breakfast Club and has been going for about nine years. Susan has worked in graphite, watercolor, pen and ink, oils and pastels. She started exhibiting graphite and watercolor botanicals with a show at Sharon Art Center. She took a pastel class from Harriet Winchester and fell in love with the medium. She has been working in pastel for seven years and is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America and the Pastel Society of Maine. She also does pastel miniatures and is an associate member of the Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers Society of Washington, DC. She has participated in and won awards in national and international juried art shows. She also shows her work at Francesca Anderson’s Fine Art in Lexington, MA and Art 3 in Manchester, NH.

Rene Bodmer
Rene Bodmer is an artist who loves to create. She has been a master jeweler for the past 30 years, and is the owner of The Bead Room in Nashua. In her spare time shes loves to paint. She has taken numerous workshops with well known teachers around the country. Rene's work covers a variety of subject matters; she paints still lifes and landscapes in oils and pastels. Rene interprets the world through her love of color and details. She has traveled extensively around the world from South America to Russia to get ideas for her jewelry and her paintings.Rene's work has been shown in many local shows and at venues around New England. She is a member of Hollis Art Society of New Hampshire, Pastel Society of New Hampshire and Nashua Area Artists Association.

Stephen L Previte
Stephen L Previte was born and raised in East Boston, Massachusetts and moved to his current residence in Hollis, New Hampshire 30 years ago. He has an engineering degree in Mechanical Design Technology and worked in a high tech industry until 1986. It was then that he left corporate life to pursue a career in fine art. Stephen is a self taught artist working with the medium of oil paint in a style that he describes as “Representational Impressionism.” His subject matter is that of light and atmosphere focused mainly on the rural landscape and its architecture. He also enjoys the
occasional challenge of still life subjects. In addition to his working studio in Hollis he also has a studio in Nashua, NH where he teaches his craft to others.

Carolyn Gaudet
"After retiring from 30 years of teaching art in public schools, there was time for personal pursuits. This included figurative sculpture, landscape painting in acrylics, oils and pastels. Pastels became the medium of choice. Their creamy texture, the array of colors, depth in layering, all additive. I paint plein air on an island in Maine and in my gardens in Nashua."

You can read more about the Breakfast Club online at their blog