Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rene Bodmer

Rene Bodmer is an artist who loves to create. She has been a
master jeweler for the past 30 years, and is the owner of The Bead Room in Nashua. In her spare time shes loves to paint. She has taken numerous workshops with well known teachers around the country. Rene's work covers a variety of subject matters; she paints still lifes and landscapes in oils and pastels. Rene interprets the world through her love of color and details. She has traveled extensively around the world from South America to Russia to get ideas for her jewelry and her paintings.Rene's work has been shown in many local shows and at venues around New England. She is a member of Hollis Art Society of New Hampshire, Pastel Society of New Hampshire and Nashua Area Artists Association.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Paula Mangolelli


"I am a life long artist who lives in the Boston area. Creating art started for me as a very young girl. I've had formal training at various levels and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Massachusetts College of Art, Boston. My professional accomplishments are highlighted by my creativity as a painter, marketing consultant, commercial designer and teacher. While I prefer watercolor as my medium of choice, I also enjoy oils, pastels and pen and ink. I enjoy painting all types of subject matter including florals, landscapes, animals portraits and still life's. I do commission work in all of these areas based on client preferences. Currently, I belong to a number of Art Association which provide me with an excellent perspective of today's art environment. Interacting with fellow artists motivates me to continuously achieve excellence while challenging my creativity. I will always enjoy studying, learning and developing my artistic talent."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Members of the Breakfast club

Just a reminder the official opening for the Spring show of
the Nashua Artists Breakfast Club
at the Chelmsford Library is Saturday the 9 the of April 2PM to 4PM
everyone is invited ,
bring a friend , meet the artists, enjoy some refreshments !

Monday, April 4, 2011

Peggy Jungbluth

Originally from Yonkers, N.Y. Peggy Jungbluth moved to New England in 1972. Recently retired, she is exploring the art world, and developing her artistic talents with noted artists, and teachers Steve Previte, Nita Leger Casey, Marie Stabile and her mentor Paula Mingolelli There is something very special about creating a piece of art work. A feeling, a mood, you want the painting to draw you in, summon memories , a response a reaction. That is what I'm trying to achieve in my paintings. I'm not there yet, but, now, I can see it in the paintings of others around me. And that's what brings me to the Nashua Artist Breadfast Club. It is the art and enthusiasm of this group that encourages me to continue in my endeavor. And I'm loving every minute of it......

Marie Stabile

Winning the 2010 Holiday Card Contest for the State of Massachusetts

Marie Stabile

I have been painting for thirty years and am a member of various art associations here and Florida
. After moving to Westford nine years ago my neighbors encouraged me to start teaching art. It has been a great experience to meet people who are as excited about art as I am. Winning the 2010 Holiday Card Contest for the State of Massachusetts has been great fun. The breakfast club is a wonderful place to meet artists and have them critique my work.
I have included a jp of the painting that won 1st prize. The painting I am entering into the show is of a pond in Tyngsboro.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Judy Heron

Judy Heron

After a career as a librarian and teacher, Judy Heron now devotes much of her time to pursuing her creativity through painting and photography. Judy paints with both watercolor and oils. "Painting is something I've always wanted to do to express and share the beauty of my surroundings. In my everyday travels I see light, colors, shadows and compositions...all waiting to be photographed or painted. I usually paint from my own photos, which is very challenging, since I am trying to recreate the beauty and feeling of the scene that was captured through the lens of my camera. My favorite subjects are landscapes, seascapes, flowers and architectural features."

Judy is an active member of the Chelmsford Art Society and she has won awards from the Westford Regional Art Event and the Chelmsford Art Society.
Judy has taken classes with Nancy Russo, Paula Mingolelli and Stephen Previte. She lives in Chelmsford, MA with her family and adopted greyhound, Derek.