Wednesday, April 28, 2010

fun Challenge two colors

Nita 's pastel version , on black paper with only four four pastels 8x10

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fun Challenge two colors

Priti 's check her blog for more details

Priti Lathia

fun Challenge two colors

Marilene's version , impressionistic style !

A fun challenge with two colors

my version in acrylic
Last week I posted this photo from my collection , for my friends to paint with two colors only with black and white ,
Yellow Ochre , Burnt sienna , today a few of us brought some results , it was fun as everyone arrived with their version , not everyone has done it yet , but I will start posting some .
This idea originated from one of the members Joanne Tierney who brought some work to show us done on this style . I went home to try it and loved it ! it is amazing how many colors you will get .