Sunday, April 3, 2011

Judy Heron

Judy Heron

After a career as a librarian and teacher, Judy Heron now devotes much of her time to pursuing her creativity through painting and photography. Judy paints with both watercolor and oils. "Painting is something I've always wanted to do to express and share the beauty of my surroundings. In my everyday travels I see light, colors, shadows and compositions...all waiting to be photographed or painted. I usually paint from my own photos, which is very challenging, since I am trying to recreate the beauty and feeling of the scene that was captured through the lens of my camera. My favorite subjects are landscapes, seascapes, flowers and architectural features."

Judy is an active member of the Chelmsford Art Society and she has won awards from the Westford Regional Art Event and the Chelmsford Art Society.
Judy has taken classes with Nancy Russo, Paula Mingolelli and Stephen Previte. She lives in Chelmsford, MA with her family and adopted greyhound, Derek.

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